What makes a man a SuperDad?

First, let’s define what doesn’t make a man a SuperDad: The mere act of fathering a child.

Throughout my life, I have known men who didn’t deserve “SuperDad” status and men, without children, who did. Their identities aren’t as important as the ability to understand the distinction.

Being a SuperDad is a lifelong committment, which comes with the understanding of what it means to be a parent AND a co-parent. It’s the acceptance that the hard work begins when the baby arrives and the willingness to share the responsibility of the care that a baby requires. A SuperDad has the utmost respect for the Mother of his children, from the start of the pregnancy, onwards. He does not trivialize any aspect of Motherhood and, instead, appreciates the importance of her new identity as a Mom. He constantly adapts to the ever-changing role as co-parent of his children, always stepping in to support and do what needs doing without question. He accepts that being a parent means putting in hard work and a lot of effort for the greater good of his family, as a whole. He knows the importance of showing his children how a man is supposed to treat a lady, how a husband is supposed to treat his wife, how their father is supposed to treat their mother.

He shows his love freely, without embarrassment, and knows when to apologize. He holds his children to a high standard, in all aspects, teaching them respect for their elders. He assures his children that they’re highly valued and that they don’t have to look for approval externally. He teaches his children the value of playing for fun and the art of winning/losing graciously. He isn’t afraid to say “No” but he never breaks a promise. He understands the importance of taking care of their Mother so that she can concentrate on her role as “Mommy” to the best of her ability.

He strives to be the Hero of the family, providing his undivided attention, love, loyalty, support, comfort, affection whenever, wherever needed.

He recognizes that “SuperDad”is not an automatic title; it’s an earned one.

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