Wish List

This is not a typical wish list. It doesn’t include all the latest gadgets, luxury appliances, clothes/shoes/accessories, jewelry.

I’m not interested in material things. My wish list is very specific and unique to my circumstances. It changes with age and experiences. Compiling such a list forces me to re-evaluate what I consider most important in this world and set goals accordingly. I know that there are items on my wish list that may be unrealistic or unobtainable for whatever reason…but it doesn’t stop me from wishing anyway. I do believe in miracles, after all.

So…what do I wish for?

  1. Many more years with my mom.
  2. Great health, abundant happiness and prosperity for everyone I love.
  3. Cell-phones put away during face-to-face chats.
  4. A world in which we all have each other’s backs, rather than the uncertainty of who’s trustworthy.
  5. More appreciation for single parents and the challenges we face.
  6. Respect for my feelings, beliefs, interests, opinions.
  7. Acceptance of the fact that I’m an introvert.
  8. To be taken care of.
  9. A long over-due vacation.
  10. More time in every day for the things I enjoy.
  11. To sleep better.
  12. The chance to travel and visit my friends.
  13. The absence of bullying and domestic violence.
  14. Simpler times, less pressure to achieve material success.
  15. More wide-spread compassion, understanding, acceptance, kindness.
  16. Less complaining, gossip, arguing.
  17. Less abuse of words like “gay”, “slut”, “whore”, “bitch”, “stupid”, “whatever”, etc.
  18. The absence of “entertainment” which involves pain, humiliation and shock-value.
  19. Better role-models for our children.
  20. Promotion of “healthy” over “skinny.

What would be on your wish list?

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