Square peg, round hole.

Imagine how the peg feels, being forced into a space that isn’t specially made for it. It’s a futile exercise, right? Unless, of course you alter the peg, which STILL wouldn’t make the peg feel any better. After all, IT had to change to fit into the space. However good and necessary change is, an altered square peg is no longer its original shape, thus losing its true identity.

Perhaps it’s a strange analogy. Perhaps it’s an effective one. My point is that, sometimes, I feel like that square peg. I have reached a point of knowing much more about who I am than I’ve ever known; the path to self-discovery has not been easy, but I do feel comfortable with the person I am today. My experiences have shaped me in ways I never realized and I have no regrets whatsoever. I wouldn’t dream of ever going back to change the course of events which led me to this point in my life, however tempted I was to do so in the past.

I’m tired of “they” who decide what’s “in” and what’s “out”. I’m tired of “they” who invent the rules of the day, week, month, season, year. I’m tired of “they” who make people feel like they must conform to fit in. I’m tired of “they” who turn their noses up at anyone who dares to be different. Who the fuck are “they” anyway? And who died and made “they/them” in charge? We must begin to discount “they/them” as fictitious characters whose opinions don’t really matter. Because “they” don’t.

I wish everyone would stop trying to fit us into shapes and ideals that make us unhappy or don’t suit us because of conformity. We’re all supposed to be individuals, but follow the masses of people who are too afraid to go against the grain? Hardly. We are not all shaped the same, yet we’re expected to fit into spaces that require us to compromise who we are. We each have a different purpose during our time on this Earth ~ to fulfill the destiny of what shapes us: our experiences, environment, biological make-up. No two people, even in the same family, have the same experiences and will, therefore, have different perspectives.

Our job is to respect, accept, appreciate, embrace the differences in those around us. Accept them for the “shape” they are, without the compulsion to make them fit in where they have to compromise their authenticity.

“Me”-shaped peg, “Me”-shaped life.


What say you?

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