I want to say something.


I want you to *really* listen. Listen with your heart. Okay?

Time passes faster than we all want it to. When we manage to get a moment to truly think about things, it’s when we realize how much time we have wasted. Regrets kick in. “If only I had done/said…” and “Why didn’t I do [whatever] sooner?”

Taking stock is important. Important enough to do often. Taking stock helps us to keep the focus on what’s really important. And what really IS important? Think about it for a while.

Think about you. Happy? Good. Unhappy? Then ask yourself why. It’s not selfish. It’s necessary. Your unhappiness affects the people around you, whether you intend it to or not. Forget guilt. Stop denying yourself what you need or want. Feeling constantly deprived takes its toll eventually.

Forget material things. It’s just “stuff” that loses its appeal after a while and, eventually, breaks. There is too much emphasis placed on material things. Why? We have needs that aren’t being fulfilled. We buy things, enjoying the “high” of “anticipation” only to find that it’s a temporary high and then we quickly look for something else to give us that “high” again. It won’t work.

Shift the focus on the things that truly matter. And you know what those things are. You do know. This is where “listening with your heart” comes in. This is important.

Love. Four letters, yet extremely complex. Or is it? Well, I believe it doesn’t *have* to be complex at all. No, it doesn’t. Say it with me (and MEAN IT!): NO, IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE COMPLEX.

If you have been fortunate enough to experience love ~ to love someone who returns your feelings ~ please, please, please don’t take it for granted. You know the kind of love I mean. Right?

• You think of them and suddenly realize that you’re smiling.

• Something random, no matter how small, brings them to mind even when you’re preoccupied with the daily routine.

• The sound of their voice is the most comforting sound you have ever heard.

• Their love for you fills you with the strength and confidence to face anything.

• Being in their arms makes you feel safe and at home, no matter where you are.

• They only have to look at you to say, “I love you” because it’s in their eyes. (But they still say it anyway.)

• Their happiness makes you happy.

• Their pain or sadness is unbearable.

• Their flaws are accepted as part of who they are.

• You don’t have to explain or justify yourselves to each other; you just understand.

• The romantic gestures and gifts are perfect.

That sort of love is difficult to find. It makes sense to nurture it when we find it, rather than having to go search for it all over again. That sort of love is worth holding onto, no matter how challenging the obstacles are. That sort of love is what gets you through the rough times, not put off until the rough times are over…because it’s those rough times that you get through together that make you see how strong and enduring it really is. That sort of love may only ever come once in your lifetime.

And you only get ONE lifetime.

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