True Empowerment

Repeat after me: I am worthy. I matter. I am important. I love me.

The truth is, you don’t need external validation, particularly from people who think it’s okay to tell you negative things about yourself. Do not allow anyone to judge you, based on superficial criteria or ignorance. In doing so, you give your power away.

Think about anyone who has attempted to define who you are. Ask yourself important questions which will allow you to accept or dismiss these “definitions”:

  • Does this person know ME? (Yes / No)
  • Has s/he made any effort to become a genuine friend? (Yes / No)
  • How often does s/he talk to me and find out what I’m really about? (Often / Rarely)
  • Does s/he gossip about people? (Yes / No)
  • Is what s/he thinks of me based on how I look, what I wear, where I live, what I have? (Yes / No)
  • Is s/he trustworthy? (Yes / No)
  • Is s/he nice or mean to people, in general? (Nice / Mean)

If your answers are NOT in bold, take your power back. Recognize that the problem lies with anyone who chooses to knock everyone else down, to make themselves look better. These people are not qualified to judge and they lack the social skills necessary to really be taken seriously. Refuse to let these people bully you into submission. As long as you see them for what they truly are ~ socially awkward ~ you have the advantage over them.

Stay empowered, for you are unique.

And beautiful.


What say you?

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