Full Circle

Home Heart Image
   Listen to your heart. It always knows.

Many years ago, I left my birthplace. I didn’t fully understand what I was doing as I watched the familiarity of everything I knew fade into the distance.

I learned that “belonging” isn’t an automatic thing; even if my mind was intent on winning the battle, it was no match for my heart, nor will it ever be.

I began to have nightmares. When I woke up, I always knew what my dreams were telling me. It didn’t matter what form the dream took, the message was always the same ~ I wasn’t where I was supposed to be.

A home is created when we are surrounded by those who love us, support us and accept us for who we are. It’s where we are content in the knowledge that there’s absolutely nowhere else, in the world, we’d rather be. It’s where we always look forward to going back whenever we’ve been away, even for a short time.

Our hearts know exactly where our “HOME” is; take it from me ~ it’s really best not to argue.


What say you?

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