No, not THAT kind of strip.

What I mean is, what would happen if everything about modern life was stripped away and all we were left with was…well, us?

Just US.

No media influence. No fashion police telling us what and what not to wear. No expectations about weight, beauty, power or success. Nothing false, such as nails, hair, tans, boobs…or other plumped up body parts. No make-up, jewelry, perfume or other such “bling”. No designer clothing or accessories. No fancy houses or cars. No TV, magazines, newspapers, internet, cell phones, MP3’s or consoles.

What if, for a day, we all had to wear basically the same thing? Such as (non-designer) jeans and a t-shirt. And no, not a colored t-shirt…just a drab t-shirt so that no ONE person would stand out.

For a day, we would all be the same, with NOTHING to hide behind. Nothing to boast about. Nothing to feel ashamed about. Getting back to basics. Accepting others for their true, genuine selves. Talking to find out ~ and remember ~ what’s important: community, friendship, families, values, laughing, learning new things and ideas…looking past outward appearances and noticing what’s inside.

I believe a magical energy would take over and that there would be an excited buzz over the idea of humankind. No more trying to “out-do” each other or knock each other down to boost our own egos. We are all human. We all make mistakes. We all get sick. We are all equal. It’s important to remember that because it seems to have been forgotten.

We must renew our compassion, understanding, kindness and generosity. We must also cast aside our prejudice, selfishness and pettiness.

When we are stripped of everything that makes us different, we are…



What say you?

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