A / Z of Advice

A – Articulate your dreams regularly
B – Ban arguing completely
C – Celebrate individuality
D – Do away with negativity
E – Eat healthy food
F – Forgive, forget
G – Go the extra mile in everything you do
H – Hug and kiss often
I – Ignore gossip
J – Just laugh and laugh and laugh
K – Keep positive
L – Love unconditionally
M – Make as many friends as you can
N – Never judge
O – Opt for peace
P – Pray, Pray, Pray
Q – Quality over Quantity
R – Reduce stress
S – Sing and dance, whenever possible
T – Tell the truth
U – Understand as much as you can
V – Verbalize feelings
W – Wait for the right moment
X – eXercise regularly
Y – Yearn to be a better person
Z – Zealously work towards your goals

What say you?

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