Gratitude Post

Starting today, I’m going to make a real effort to write about the things I feel most grateful for in my life. I am truly blessed. And I take nothing for granted.

  • {My children} ~ From the moment that I became a mom, I discovered that wonderful roller coaster of emotions that is so unique to parents. Before then, I had no idea just how challenging parenthood could be. My needs immediately faded into the background and I instantaneously realized the true meaning of being selfless. And everything that my mom ever did made total sense.
  • {My mom} ~ She expertly struck the necessary balance needed to be a mom; she constantly displayed her strength, yet never overpowered us; she was very strict, but she also helped us to understand why; she acted silly and laughed along with us, yet her transition from “silly” back to “mom” didn’t come with a nasty jolt; she provided the comfort we needed, along with the confidence we needed to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start again. She is my hero.
  • {My muse} ~ For continued inspiration and the constant flow of creativity. The brainstorms are non-stop!
  • {My support network} ~ I have been blessed with many wonderful friends; I have had the good fortune to meet so many helpful, resourceful people in my area.

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