One of my dearest friends came for a weekend visit so that we could spend time brainstorming and working on our book for Café Sanctuary. It was a very productive weekend and very therapeutic, as well. We tend to do a lot of giggling when we get together and this weekend was no exception. It’s just nice to talk and share our concerns about current issues.

Sunday, we took a break from our work to watch Super Soul Sunday, featuring Debbie Ford, best-selling author and coach/speaker/teacher in the field of personal transformation. Debbie spoke of her battle with cancer and how to deal with personal shadows. I had never seen any of her appearances before, nor have I read any of her books, but I was truly inspired by her attitude. She struck me as a beautiful soul and, as a result, I decided I wanted to put her books down on my “Must-Read” list and keep a watch for any future appearances.

As the show ended, Oprah honored Debbie with a tribute, which informed us that she’d passed away and saddened us both. Although I wish I had been more familiar with Debbie’s work before now, I am grateful to Oprah for featuring Debbie on one of her Super Soul Sunday shows so that this inspirational woman could share her experiences with us, as well as her message. I have no doubt that her books will continue to inspire everyone who reads them (me, included).

If you would like to know more about Debbie, her work, books, messages of peace, please visit her website by clicking on her name above. Also, there is currently the video of her appearance on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday series to watch from her home page. Very uplifting and inspiring.

R.I.P. Debbie Ford.

God Bless You. ☮


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