The Book of Motherhood

book of motherhood, image
The Book Of Motherhood, filled with love

Imagine a book unlike any other.

It’s written, not from a clinical standpoint, but from a mom’s. And not just one mom…or even a small group. Imagine a book of collective thoughts, ideas, experiences, feelings, concerns, worries, advice written by every woman, in the history of the world, who is/was someone’s mom.

This special book would be the missing manual we mothers all need at some point. It would be the universal support system, brimming with the understanding of what it means to be a mom. There would be no room for judgment. The aim of the book would be to make all mothers feel secure in their roles. And adequate, regardless of their choices. We would feel comforted by the assurance that we all make mistakes but that we do the absolute best we can for our children.

The book would be a testament to the joys that we experience, as well as the fact that the worries never, ever, ever go away. The stories would give us all something to relate to. The experiences would give us the insight we need to deal with situations we’re struggling with. There would be something in the book to help everyone, in any situation or circumstance.

We would see the historical patterns and practices of motherhood throughout the ages. We would have access to the true wisdom, the sound advice that has worked over decades, centuries, millennia. We would see the attitudes, practices and experiences of other cultures.

This unlimited resource would open us up to new ideas, but it would also place great value on the importance of our roles. With this positive network of support, there would come a new appreciation of our contribution to family life and the greater good of society. Our children would reap the rewards of this special network.

Wouldn’t the entire World win, too?

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